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Hi All,

It feels like I have been playing racing simulators all my life, I started with Geoff Crammond’s Revs on the BBC Micro back in 1984, a notoriously hard F3 simulator with only one track at launch, Silverstone, but at the time it felt like you were driving a real race car rather than an arcade game, then I worked my way through all Geoff’s F1 games up to Grand Prix 4 in 2002, then there the Papyrus games like Indycar Racing and Grand Prix Legends then last year I was introduced to iRacing where online racing really is taken to a totally new level.

I find it hard to believe that I really wasn’t aware of iRacing until thanks to Covid-19 Radical Cars took their racing online due to the UK Race Circuits being closed, I had previously been racing a Radical SR1 in the real world so was keen to see what online racing was like, needless to say I have been addicted ever since, installing a multi screen setup at home where I now race everyday after work.

So what is iLounge Racing?

I run a company called HiFi Lounge, based in Bedfordshire, which is an independent HiFi shop focusing on some of the best HiFi available in the world, for me music and motorsport are my 2 main passions, I race Go Karts all the time and 5 years ago I started racing a Radical SR1 and now race a Lotus Elise on some of the best race tracks in the UK and Europe. When looking around at simulator equipment to buy for myself I realised that there was no where in the UK that I could find where you could demo a full system and get advice on what would be the best setup for me and funnily enough I soon figured out that the home racing simulator business is very similar to the HiFi Business and basically having a demo facility would be a good idea so I decided to start a demo facility for simulators, calling it iLounge Racing, basically HiFi Lounge but without the ‘HiF’.

I focus on iRacing and to be honest there is a hell of a lot to learn, a year in and I am still learning new features and tricks so I want to help people choose the right system for themselves and answer any questions that iRacing will bound to throw up, obviously these systems can be used with any other racing sims like Assetto Corsa, Raceroom, F1, rFactor, Automobilista etc but iRacing is where I spend all my time.

We are mainly focusing on the supply of full systems, so the idea is you come in, try a few options and spec the system that suits your needs the best, we then place your order and once ready we can deliver and install so basically taking the hassle and guesswork out of buying your sim. Also for me the audio side is as important as the visuals to get full immersion and as we also run a HiFi shop we have multiple options here also from a selection of headphones to full surround sound.

At the moment we have 4 simulators on permanent demo at 4 different price points from £2000 to over £100,000 but all very engaging and capable of posting the fastest times on your chosen racing sim and that will allow you to realise your potential as an online racer, if you are interested in motorsport and have never tried one of these simulators please come in to give one a try and I know once experienced you will be hooked as I was.

Whether it is a tool to get you quicker on track for racing or track days, or some online racing for fun or even single player, we’ve got you covered, we can even offer driving training so if of interested please just ask.

As a customer of iLounge Racing you will also be eligible to join our weekly league races, for me this is where iRacing comes into it’s own, to race the same people once a week in a championship really does add another level of competition, you can also join our Discord channel where we can discuss what happened in the race and look forward to the next race, really looking forward to creating an iLounge Racing community.

Sim racing is fun but I must admit I am surprised how serious I take it, it is certainly more than just a game, if you would like to explore this world more please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements or feel free to book an appointment to try out one of our simulators.

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And remember as Steve MgQueen said -

Couldn’t agree more.

Regards, Paul.