Coffee Racer With Sony PS5 VR Now On Demo!

Hi All,

Really excited to announce that we now have the genius Coffer Racer on permanent demo and for fun we have partnered it up with Gran Turismo on the PS5 using the new Sony Virtual Reality headset, now I am used to much bigger setups than this but I have to say it is incredible fun.

So what is the Coffee Racer? well not everyone has a dedicated room they can give over to their simulator and not everyone will want a sim setup all the time taking over the living room, but what is important is that if you love your racing games you will never get the best from it with a joypad, you really need a wheel and pedal setup but if you go own that route you need a really sturdy platform to attach them too, enter the Coffee Racer, basically when your sim is not in use it is a small coffee table but the true genius is that when you take off the wooden table top then your steering wheels and pedals are inside all attached ready for use, all you have to do is pull up the steering wheel support, tighten the locking screws and you are ready to race, it couldn’t be simpler so now there are no excuses for not having a proper sim setup.

Another great use of the Coffee Racer is for our customers who buy a high-end sim from us as inevitably their kids want to have a go on it but I know first hand that it takes ages to set your sim up to your preferences so if you had a Coffee Racer next to your sim then your kids can have their own sim setup and not muck up all your settings, that way everyone is happy.

Below is a great video from Chris Haye which shows how well made and just what a brilliant idea the Coffee Racer is –

So if you feel this is something that could work for you please feel free to come in to have a look and give it a spin, I know you will be impressed.

Please find some pictures below and a link to the Coffee Racer on our website –



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