Geoff Crammond’s REVS, This Is Where It All Started For Me, Back In 1984!

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Hi all,

So showing my age a little here but my love of Sim Racing began way back in 1984 on my BBC Micro with Geoff Crammond’s Rev’s, a F3 simulator that originally only came with one track, Silverstone, it was incredibly hard but was totally groundbreaking as it was arguably the world’s first motorsport simulator, later Geoff went on to steal many more hours of my life with his F1 Simulators, Grand Prix 1-4, again truly astonishing for their time.

I came across this brilliant video last night on YouTube so thought it was worth sharing for anyone who also loved Rev’s but also as an educational piece to show where our SIm Racing love started.

Plus you can also play it online on the below link –



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