Great Racing at Oulton Park in the Radical SR10 Until….

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Screen Shot at

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a race video, to be honest the new Radical SR10 on iRacing had a bit of a troubled birth to say the least but over the last 2 season iRacing have worked hard and now I’m pleased to say it is a great car to drive and we are now getting some amazing racing so I thought I’d quickly post the Radical Race Series race from last week at Oulton Park as it is a great watch and I was having a pretty good race until….

For this season we have a new format of each meeting comprising of 2 races, a Sprint and a Feature with also a few rounds being an Endurance with a Pitstop which keeps things interesting, this season is coming to an end and it proving a really great battle for the championship this year, please find a link to the race below, race 1 is good but Race 2 was brilliant fun, if you don’t have a lot of time just start at 49 mins for the race 2 fun and if you’d like to join us on the grid feel free to get in touch and I can explain how.



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