iLounge Nascar iRacing League Starting January 9th, Please Feel Free To Join The Fun!



Hi All,

So I am excited to say that iLounge Racing along with JP Broadcasting will be starting our own Nascar League starting on January 9th with all races broadcast live on YouTube with full commentary.

Now this is something I had been wanting to do for around a year or so now so I am so pleased that we have finally got it off the ground.

For me Oval racing is the purest form of racing there is but it is a very different discipline to what we are used to for F1 and Road Racing but one thing if for sure as a spectacle it is always exciting.

iRacing does Nascar extremely well with a lot of the real Nascar drivers using it for practice. We will be running the latest Generation Nascars on iRacing, races will be 1 hour long and it will be a 2 month championship with Bi-Weekly Tuesday night races that start at 9pm.

The first season will be free to enter, basically I’ll cover the costs to see if we can make it work then for Season 2 we will ask for contributions to help towards costs.

Please find the calendar below, I have tried to make it a varied calendar of different types of tracks from Super Speedways to Short track to give everyone a taste of what Nascar is like –


It will be great if we can get some 20+ grid numbers for the first season but I am fully aware this is a bit of any experiment and if you don’t have a sim setup then why not tune in to YouTube to watch the fun, link below to JP Broadcasting website and YouTube page below –

Here is the car I’ll be racing, look familiar 😀

Screen Shot at

So I think that covers everything and just leaves this to say, ‘Boogityboogityboogity, let’s go racing!

Any questions about joining the fun just send them to me at

Cheers, let the fun begin.




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