Musical Cars, Something New For The iLounge Showroom!

Hi All,

When we decided to open a dedicated motorsport simulator showroom it wasn’t intended to be a Gulf themed room but it certainly ended up that way but to be honest what Livery is more iconic than the Gulf one.

So as cool as it was having my race Radical SR1 in the showroom it didn’t really fit the theme so I came across something online a few months ago that would fit in perfectly so the order was placed and it now sits proudly in the iLounge showroom to finish things off nicely.

For me the late 60’s/early 70’s were a real golden era, especially in sportscar racing, with my 2 favourite cars of all time racing then, the Ford GT40 and Porsche 917, so anyone who visits the iLounge showroom will see the inspiration behind the theme, especially now that we’ve added the cool 917 from Half Scale Cars, it is basically a 70% scale model of one of the most striking looking and successful cars of all time, it even has an engine and can be driven, please find a link to their site and if you would like any info just let me know and I can put you in touch with the guys there –

Anyway I just wanted to show a few pics of the fun and games of getting the Radical out and the 917 in, there is one last job to do, the 917 sits very low so we are having a plinth made for it to sit on to just raise it a touch.

As an update on how iLounge is going, we have sold a few systems now and we also have Jonathan helping run it so onwards and upwards, will be amending the site soon with some bundle prices + new products + we will finally be holding a launch / open day early in 2023 👍

Time Lapse Video – 

We also put this short video together of the fun and games.



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