AXSIM – Formula Simulator


On Permanent Demonstration, Please feel free to get in touch to book an appointment to try it for yourself.

Formed from a real Formula 1 mould. The experience is like no other simulator outside of the F1 industry.

Axsim’s Formula Simulators are formed from a real F1 mould, this positions the driver in the exact seating position as in a real formula car.

In addition, only the best components, including the steering wheel and hydraulic pedals, are configured to communicate with the simulation software for a true to life experience, like no other simulator outside of the F1 industry.

Offered in 3 different stages of motion; starting with a suspension platform licensed by the FIA, the governing body of motorsport. Secondly curved rails allow the simulator to move freely to simulate yaw movement, and create the feeling of oversteer. The third stage adds patented Cranfield G-Seat technology to create the sensation of g-force, originally designed for training fighter pilots.

The result? Technology developed to train fighter pilots, previously supplied to F1 teams and professional drivers. Delivered ready-to-race on your favourite circuits in the world, at any time.


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