Simulator Computers + TV’s / Screens and Audio + Accessories!

Dependant on Spec.

The Full Package – We can offer all levels of Computers from sensible to full custom craziness + headphones and full surround sound packages to give the ultimate in audio immersion and even TV’s from LG and Sony as well as Monitors from the biggest names, we have everything covered to give you the best and immersive simulator experience, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Simulator PC’s!

We have teamed up with 2 of the countries best computer suppliers, Scan and CyberPower to be able to offer the best Computers required to run the most demanding or racing simulators, we can advise, order and supply these as part of your total package or you can specify exactly what you want using their websites and we can place the order for you.

When it comes to specing PC’s it can be a minefield with a multitude of options to consider but with our experience we can advise you to make sure you don’t make any mistakes then we can set up your new PC with all the latest software so that everything will work seamlessly with your Simulator installing all the required software.

TV’s and Monitors

We even have access to TV screens from LG and Sony if you’d rather go for one large screen like an 85″ or maybe 3 x 65″ screens or maybe a smaller monitor like a 34″ or quadruple monitor setup, there are certainly a lot of options but we can help guide and demo all these options in our showroom.

Immersive Audio

To be fully immersed in your simulator experience Audio is a key part of portraying the true racing experience, if space is a concern we can offer some of the worlds best gaming headphones from the like of Audeze, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and Audio Technica but if you want the ultimate experience we would always recommend a full 5.1 surround sound system which as we are part of HiFi Lounge we are in the unique position to be able to offer packages from some of the biggest amp and speaker suppliers in the world, this can be from very reasonably priced or if you really want to push things we can offer packages that any audiophile would be proud of and if a full 5.1 system is too big then maybe a 2.1 system is the way to go, again we can demo all this in our showroom.

The great thing all the above is totally flexible and can be specced to any budget btu the great thing is we can be your one stop shop to supply absolutely everything to give you the best racing simulator experience available today.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss in more depth.