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The best steering wheel ever made is finally here! Stealth is made using the best materials available today and the highest quality components available from the automotive industry without any compromise. Introducing the innovative Stealth Lighting system with 37 individually controlled RGB LEDs Stealth will make sure you have all the data you need in front of you, while pushing it to the limits. The newly designed buttons and thumb rotaries layout makes each one of them accessible without changing your handling.  Stealth parts are all machined from billet aluminium and have been engineered to offer superior rigidity and the best weight distribution possible. Each wheel is handmade following the highest quality control and fully tested prior to shipping.” – VPG

Stealth Lighting system

Each one of the front rotary encoders has 4 individually controlled RGB LEDs that can be used to show telemetry data like ABS/TC/Low Fuel level/revs etc..

Each one of the side LED strips has 8 individually controlled RGB LEDs that can be used as ambient lights or to show telemetry data like green flag/yellow flag/blue flag/ white flag/in-pit-lane etc..

The 9 RGB LEDs on the top bar can be used as revs lights to never miss a gear shift again.

The 4 RED illuminated buttons on each side can be used as car spotter to keep your safety rating at its highest.

Choose the colours and the effect you like to customise your driving experience.


  • 290mm diameter
  • Custom injected moulded grips
  • 2 thumb ELMA rotary encoders
  • 3 front ELMA rotary encoders with 4 individually controlled RGB LEDs each
  • 350gf APEM 5G RED illuminated buttons (telemetry controlled)
  • Stealth Lighting system – 37 individually controlled RGB LEDs + illuminated buttons
  • M12 industrial grade connector – one of the most reliable and efficient connection standard for industrial machinery and control applications.
  • 5mm forged carbon fibre plate and paddles
  • Billet aluminium front and back cover, dual clutch and shifter body and arms
  • Dual clutches – bite point can be adjusted without any third parties’ software and while you’re in game
  • Third paddle – Available as Standard
  • 2 sets of UV printed caps included (12 caps in total)
  • Custom Electronics board
  • SimHub Device compatible
  • Wheel hub with 70mm and 50mm bolts pattern


  • Simucube
  • VRS
  • Simagic
  • Accuforce – Accuforce QR required
  • Fanatec bases – Fanatec Podium Hub required
  • PC only

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