Radical SR1 Season 2 – Here We Go Again!

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Hi Everyone,

So this is a question I get asked a lot, will I be doing another season in the Radical SR1 Cup again this year? So I am pleased to say that yes I will although I did think long and hard about it as last season ended up being much tougher than I ever imagined it could be to be honest, I ended up being no where as fast as I thought I would be although I did love the whole experience, but I have been told by so many people that I’d be mad to abandon it after one season as the first season is such a big learning curve that the 2nd season will be much more straightforward and most people are always quicker in season 2 so fingers crossed.

We have moved teams to 360 Racing who are based at Silverstone, these guys run in the European LeMans series which is pretty epic so they really are a serious racers and I’ll have a team mate this year which will be a great yard stick, they’ve even got a truck with a meeting room to look over data and somewhere to get changed, really feels like we’ve gone up a level already, and I’m really pleased to be working with Darren Winter again and Tom Gladdis who is still trying to coach me to going faster, poor lad, he’s really got his work cut out.


I’d like to thank our sponsors who have stuck with us for another year so thanks to, in no particular order, PMC, Atlas, Rega, Chord, Trilogy, HiFi Pig, Naim and I’d like to welcome dCS as a new sponsor, still waiting on a couple more that we hopefully can announce soon.

Goals for the year?


So it looks like the grid for the SR1 Cup is going to be much bigger this year which hopefully will lead to much more close racing, there is almost more pressure this year as I can no longer hide behind the Rookie status of last year so I guess my main goal is to definitely be faster than last year, in all honesty it took me till the last 2 rounds to really feel like I was getting on top of the car so hopefully we can carry that into 2019.

It was the last race at Brands that really did help spur me on to this year as it was the first meeting where I actually felt I was racing so I want to attack more and be more aggressive, by the end of the year over 1 lap my times were OK but my racing still left a lot to be desired so I really need to work on that also, I’ve also decided to insure the car this year as last year I took my chances and got away with it but I did feel it was holding me back a little as these things are not cheap to mend so now I’ll be insured that is another excuse gone 🙂

Loosing the Fangio Cup by 0.2 Second

I really meant to post this last year but it has been extremely busy lately but here is the last lap of the last race, basically at the start of the video the car that is 2 ahead was my main title contender for the Fangio Cup, David, I beat him in race one so it came down to whoever won between us took the Fangio crown, as you can see I had plenty of opportunities, unfortunately I just didn’t realise it was the last lap so I have fitted a countdown stop watch in the car for this year, but as you can see I definitely need to toughen up for this coming year, so in the end we lost the title by 0.2 of a second which I felt was a fitting end to any season of motorsport as it went to the wire but congratulations to David, the best man won in the end.

Testing at Snetterton


So yesterday was my first time out in the car since the races at Brands and boy do I ache today, my arms are killing me, Snetterton is a pretty fast circuit and the last part of the lap really does have you holding on for dear live but it was good to be back in the car, in the end we went 1.5 seconds quicker than my best lap last year and there was plenty of potential to go even quicker, I just never managed to link up all the sectors but happy with that, the next stop is the first race of the season at Oulton Park, this will be interesting as last year when at Oulton I hadn’t driven the car before the race weekend so hopefully I should be much quicker there.

2019 Calendar


All the best,




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