Silverstone GP Fastest Lap From Last Year in Our Radical SR1!

DC x

DC x

Hi Everyone,

So as I am really missing my Motorsport I thought I would upload my fastest lap from last August when I raced our Radical SR1 on the full Silverstone Grand Prix layout which was a huge tick on the bucket list, I meant to post this last year but never got round to it but it is great to watch it again as although not as quick as the quickest guys out there is was quick for me and was probably one of my most satisfying laps since starting this racing game 3 years ago.

Funnily enough when I started testing on the Silverstone GP layout that weekend I was doing 2.23’s which felt really fast and when my team mate told me he was doing 2.16’s I just couldn’t get my head round where that extra time could come from so that became my mission and on the very last lap of  the 50 Minute race I pushed harder than I ever had and just broke into the 2.16’s, you can hear me shout out with happiness on the video as at the time it felt like an epic achievement.

I am carrying on racing this year, to be honest I think I am now totally addicted, but I will face a new challenge as I will be entering a new championship, the new race car is due to be finished being built anytime now so as soon as I have some more info I will post it.

Certainly can’t wait to get back out on track.




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