iLounge Racing Sim Install Pictures and Updates!



Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share some of our install pictures from last year, 2022 certainly proved to be an interesting year, when we launched iLounge Racing early in 2022 I had no idea how it would perform, I knew when I was looking to buy my first proper sim in early 2020 I had so many questions and didn’t know where to start so I thought starting a demo facility where we could help answer all those questions and offer a build, delivery and install service for the daunting world of sim racing seemed like a good idea but it was a proper punt, the good news is without any real advertising we hit the ground running installing several full systems all over the county with our partner ‘Race Anywhere’ so I’m delighted to say that the concept certainly seems to work.

I know there are alot of people out there that get a lot of satisfaction from building their own rigs but equally there are a lot of people that really wouldn’t know where to start or just don’t have the time to build and setup a full system but would like to enter the world of Sim Racing, I certainly know that feeling, so that is where we come in, we are not really here to sell individual parts, there are loads of companies out there doing that, our existence is mainly to advise on the best equipment for you then build and deliver the system to your house and to get you on track asap so that you know you have the best kit and finding the lap time is all down to you and putting plenty of practice in.

If you would like to come in to try our variety of sims or discuss any options please feel free to get in touch, it really isn’t that daunting once you understand a few basics, being fast is another matter.

On with the install Pictures.

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