Tomorrow’s Boys Toys Day Update!



Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick update regarding tomorrow’s Boys Toys event, firstly the great news is that it really does look like the weather gods are Petrolheads as the forecast is looking excellent, what a result.

Secondly thanks to everyone who has registered, we have over 70 cars registered from every marque you can think of so it is going to be a very eclectic mix of cars that’s for sure which is great news, just hope we can squeeze everyone in, as I mentioned before if everyone can aim for between 10-11am for the car part that will be great, I think we could possibly go for the Guinness Record for the longest queue to get to a HiFi shop ever 😉

I’m hoping to bring a 60’s car that I bought a few months ago that I haven’t driven yet, not even managed to get it started yet but I’m hopeful tonight with a little luck we can breathe some life into her and she will make the 30 minute drive to the shop tomorrow, if I’m not here you know why, Wendy will be in something very yellow so you certainly won’t miss here.

So we’ll be busy setting up 3 listening rooms today with speakers from PMC, Wilson Audio and DeVore Fidelity playing plus we’ll be fine tuning the sims but most importantly we’ll be getting the BBQ dusted off for the BBQ breakfast, we’ve ordered 200 sausages and 100 rashes of bacon, if that isn’t enough luckily there is a Sainsbury’s just up the road.

Free Entry to this Years UK Audio Show


As a bonus we have teamed up with Chester Group to give everyone that comes tomorrow a VIP Pass to give free entry to this years UK Audio Show in October where we will be exhibiting so don’t forget to grab your VIP Pass.

Ok must crack on, look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, oh yes I should also say please make sure you turn into the correct HFL turning, not into the big house which is the entrance before as the last thing the people that live there need is 70 cars disturbing their weekend, we will sign post it also so make it nice and clear, thanks. Regarding parking, we will use the part outside the front of the shop first, then the normal car park then we will overspill into the hard standing where the big barns are so hopefully there will be plenty of space 🤞

See you tomorrow,



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