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Hi All,

Hope everyone is OK during this 2nd lockdown, now this isn’t exactly HiFi related but I know a lot of our customers are petrolheads and love their motorsport, very much like me so thought it may be of interest.

So my other passion other than music is playing racing games and in particular driving simulators, I started way back in 1984 with REV’s on the BBC Micro, arguably the world’s first racing simulator and I haven’t stopped since, wow that is 36 years, to be honest I should be better than I am after all that practice, anyway when the first lockdown happened Radical took their racing online, as did pretty much all motorsport, and in particular they chose the iRacing platform, I find it unbelievable now but 9 months ago I wasn’t even aware of iRacing but now I have to say that I am totally addicted, doing my best to do one race a day, for those who don’t know basically you race people from all around the world in real time, after 3 years on racing my Radical for real I have to say this is as close to the real thing that you are going to get from the comfort of your own home, you still get the same nerves and tension you get in the real world as your driving has real consequences on the points you earn and it is so in depth, I’ve been using it for 9 months now and still learn thongs daily, it is an incredible simulation that most professional drivers use to hone their skill, it has certainly come a long way since Rev’s that is for sure.

Well after all these years of sim racing and my new love for iRacing it was time to do it properly at long last so we converted one of our bedrooms into an all out sim room and the theme was my favourite race car of all time, GT40 P/1075, which won LeMans twice in 1968 and 1969, the story of its 1969 win is written in motor racing folklore of one of the most exciting races of all time with it starting last and beating the Porsche by only a few metres after 24 hours of racing, so please find a few pictures below and if any of this is of any interest please feel free to ask any questions as I have learnt so much about these rigs this year and iRacing that I’ll always be happy to discuss.

Finally I want to thank the guys at Pure Sims for their brilliant advice and fantastic install that took all day when installed a couple of weeks ago, far more involved than a HiFi install that is for sure but there are definitely some similarities as already looking at my next upgrades.



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